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About us

Bidball.com is a leading eBay sniping service website headquartered in Harrison, Ohio, USA.

Our mission is to provide the best, most reliable, eBay sniping solution while keeping our service easy to use.

Our primary coder, Harold, has been programming for 14 years now. He has been working with the basis for our sniper engine since August of 2007.

When not programming, Harold likes to run, grow flowers, and create business plans.

On top of being a coding expert, Harold has a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering.

Our primary customer support representative, Layne, has been buying and selling on eBay since 2001.

When not answering questions and monitoring our website, Layne enjoys cycling when able, watching his nieces and nephews play soccer football and baseball, and surfing the web looking for new ideas to implement into our website.

As for the future of bidball, we plan to add more features to enhance your eBay buying experience and allow you to get the best deals possible.

We're also open to the idea of partnership opportunities. If you need the use of our system on a larger scale, in a modified format or for a different use, or if your idea is even unrelated to our sniper service, we'd be interested in hearing it and possibly joining forces on a project with you.

We welcome any comments or suggestions regarding how we can make bidball a more valuable tool for eBay buyers, and possibly eBay sellers.

Click here to submit any ideas that you have.

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