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How does sniping save me time and money?

First, you avoid drawing attention to the item that you are interested in. More attention = a higher final price.

You avoid being drawn into an irrational, emotional bidding war.

You decide on your absolute maximum price for the item, schedule your snipe, and (hopefully) forget about it and go about your day.

No heat of the moment irrational bidding for you, and no attracting unwanted attention.

Also, if an auction ends at an odd time for you, say 3 a.m., you would normally have to use eBay's proxy bidding system, and possibly start a bidding frenzy. You avoid that by using our service.

You can just schedule your snipe(s), turn off your computer, and walk away. "Set it and forget it". Our automated system takes care of it from there. You can be out enjoying your day and be getting great deals at the same time!
No waiting at your computer for the end of the auction for you.