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How do I edit or delete an eBay snipe that I have scheduled?

Scroll down this page to see the images and accompanying text explaining how to edit or delete a snipe that you have scheduled.

First, we will cover editing a snipe.
From your "My Items" page, click on the "Edit Snipe" button that is associated with the scheduled snipe that you want to edit.

Enter in your new maximum bid or new "Quantity" (if applicable), depending on which one it is that you want to change.
You do not need to enter in your eBay password again, unless you have changed your eBay password since initially setting this snipe up.

Scroll down and click on the "Update it!" button.

You'll be taken back to your "My Items" page where you can see that your scheduled snipe has been updated.

To delete a scheduled snipe, simply click on the "Stop & Remove" button associated with the snipe that you want to delete.

You should now see a notice in green text letting you know that your snipe has been deleted.

If you go back to your "My Items" page, you can confirm that that particular snipe no longer shows up there.

If you accidentally delete a snipe, you can click on the "UNDO" button that you will see on the page shown confirming that you deleted the snipe.

You should now see another notice letting you know that the deleted snipe has been re-activated and scheduled to execute.

If you go back to your "My Items" page, you should now see that the snipe shows up there again and is scheduled to execute.

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