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How do I get started using bidball?

Scroll down to see the images and accompanying text explaining how to create a bidball account to get started using our service.

First of all, click on the big red "Free Signup" button located at the top of our left hand side navigation table.

You should now see a page similar to the one above.
Enter in your eBay username that you are going to use your bidball account for, the e-mail address that you want associated with your bidball account, and a complex password - for security reasons, please do not use the same password that you use for your eBay account.

Now to scroll down the page and enter in the digits or letters in the "what code is in the image" field that you see in the image just above it.
Next just click the "Create new account" button.

You should now see your username at the top of the left hand navigation table as you are now logged in to your account.
That's it. You are now a bidball member. Congratulations!

You should also receive a welcome message to the e-mail address that you used when registering, with a subject line similar to the one in the image above.

The e-mail will include your username and password. Please keep this information safe.

Click on the link below to continue on to the next "How to use" tutorial:
How do I set up an eBay snipe?

Or, click on the "How to use" link located below and to the right, to go back to the main "How to use" tutorial page.