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What happens after I schedule an eBay snipe?

Scroll down this page to see the images and accompanying text explaining what happens after you schedule a snipe here on bidball.

If you're maximum bid has been exceeded before its time for your snipe to execute, an e-mail alert will be sent out to your e-mail address you used when registering with bidball.

The e-mail message will include the item information including the current price and your maximum scheduled bid.
There will also be a link included in the message that will take you to the page where you can edit your snipe and increase your maximum bid, if you would like (you should have already decided on your maximum bid when scheduling your snipe and probably should exercise discipline and not use this option, but we still make it available to you).
If your maximum scheduled bid is not exceeded until very late in the auction, you may not have time to edit your snipe and increase it.

You would also see the hexagon shaped "Maximum bid exceeded" emblem next to this particular snipe on your bidball "my items" page, signifying that your bid is too low to be submitted to eBay.

Any notifications that are sent to your e-mail address will also be sent to your mailbox here on bidball.
There should be a link to your mailbox in the left hand side navigation table on any of bidball's pages that you can click on to view your messages.

If you have subscribed to SMS alerts, you will also receive "Maximum Bid Exceeded" notifications for any items that you subscribe for (along with "auction results" e-mails).

If your maximum scheduled bid is not exceeded before it is time to execute, you should receive an "auction results" message to your e-mail address (bidball mailbox, cellular phone - if you selected that option).
If your bid turns out not to be the winning bid, you should see "Bid Lost" in the subject line of the e-mail.

The message will contain a link to the "response" page for that item. This would be the page that you would see if you bid on the item manually.
We recommend that you read the entire e-mail message as it contains some useful information about sniping.

If your bid is the winning bid - congratulations!
The e-mail notification that you will receive will include "Auction Won" in the title.
The e-mail message will include the same item information that a "Bid Lost" message includes, without the added explanation of things to look out for when you lose an auction.

If you log into your bidball account and click on the "All" link located near the upper central part of your "My Items" page, you can see all of the expired snipes that you have set up.

You would then see a list of all the snipes that you have scheduled along with their "states":
- "Item Won" - signified by the trophy emblem
- "Item Lost" - signified by the red X emblem

You can click on the "View Responses" button to see all the pages you would have seen if you had bid on this item manually - this is a very neat feature.

Steps #2-#4 show you the page you would have seen if you had bid on this item manually.
Step #5 would show you the recall notice that eBay sometimes shows you when bidding on an item. If you click on #5, hopefully you would see "This step is not passed by this server.", as that means this page was not shown.
That would be good news because when this page is shown, it prevents bidball from placing your bid - that is why we suggest(on our "How do I set up an eBay snipe?" page) that you enter in a bid and click on the "Place bid" button on eBay for an item that you are interested in, to make sure that the bid confirmation page is shown rather than some other page. You can use your "Responses" page to diagnose any problem snipes before sending us a question about them.
On this "Responses" page, you can also click on the "Server #1" and "Server #2" buttons to see the responses for both of our sniper engine servers.
There are times when our main server (Server #1) will be delayed, and our backup server (Server #2) will be the one to submit your bid.

Please note, you can not pay for the eBay items that you win through bidball. You would pay for them as you normally would depending on your preferences and what types of payment the seller accepts.

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