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ebay misspelling search tool | ebay typos

There are many items listed on eBay every day that have misspelled words in the title. When this happens, very often these listings will not show up when someone searches eBay for such an item.

Because these items aren't seen by most interested eBay searchers, they have fewer, and often, no bids. Naturally, this equals lower selling prices.

Using our eBay misspelling search tool will give you the ability to find these items that most interested buyers will never see, and find some hidden gems -- at great prices.

Supposedly, experienced sellers use a misspelling search tool to pick up products from the new or inexperienced sellers and then resell them for a profit.
We cannot personally attest to that (although we have seen many eBay listings with the main key words misspelled), but we just wanted to get across that there are potentially deals to be found when searching for misspellings.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when using our eBay misspelling search tool:

If there aren't any results for that search that you perform, try a related search. Maybe try searching for a brand-name of the item rather than the item itself.

If you get lots of results that do not relate to the item you're searching for, narrow down your search. Add words to the "Exclude these words" field. If you would like to enter more than one term or phrase into the field, separate each one with a comma. Be sure to select the box next to "Exclude these words".

The most popular items that have longer and harder to spell search terms will return most/best results.

I would say most of the advanced searching options are not needed, but we've included them just in case you feel that they are helpful. While there are many misspellings on eBay, there most likely isn't so many for any one search word or phrase to narrow down your search by the number of bids, ending times, etc.

How do I use eBay misspelling search tool?

You can go to the eBay search page here on bidball, enter your desired search keywords and check the "Show me misspelled items only" box.
or, simply use the following form: